Portfolio - Before and After

Our portfolio includes case studies which demonstrate how we have helped our clients.  We're frequently asked to redevelop existing websites to make them more relevant or dynamic.

Many of these were sites that were built by the owners or friends/family and while free often looks like a good idea at the start, there is a difference between free and building a business online not to mention that there is a cost in lost business when a client comes to a poorly developed site and leaves before taking action ... lost business is expensive.

Here are some examples of how a professional website can make a huge difference to your business.  Is your website doing THE BUSINESS for your Business?





  Old Happiness with Irene Site   New Happiness with Irene site
  Old AyPee website   New AyPee website
  Old Equimovement   Weightless Riding by Equimovement
  oldcoachfed   coachfederation
  oldcortem   cortemfront
  oldcedarcentre   cedarcentrenew
  oldoverseas   overseas
  oldnetwork   network
  oldcclbl   cclbl
  oldcreate2   createconnect
  oldwladival   wladivalpt
  pawsclaws   Home & Pet Sitting Service
  gold   Restaurant
  orchidea   Luxury holiday lets
  yoga   Yoga and Health services
  zpsf   Charity