Essential Factory

Essential Factory's team came to Leaping Ahead to help them launch their new natural, bio face creams and develop an online presence and shop.


Essential Factory has developed a unique and natural range of face creams which contain no preservatives and the products are sourced as locally as possible and from ecologically sound sources.  They wanted a website that would not only reflect who they are but also to provide an ecommerce solution to ensure that clients could easily re-order their products.

Leaping Ahead Solution

With the branding already in place we set out to provide a clean and contemporary look but with the added natural feel.  Our solution included:

  • selection or purchase of an appropriate range of images to reflect the product range and company ethos
  • an online, easy-to-manage e-commerce solution that could expand with the range of products.
  • a blog, linked to social media to easily update messages and information to a wider audience.

The client love the clean look and feel and easy to manage content management structure of the website.


Essential Factory

Essential Factory