Tofo Earth Lodge

When Tofo Earth Lodge approached me they needed just about everything, website, Google Business, TripAdvisor and a cohesive online strategy for their business to improve visibility and increase bookings.

Tofo Earth Lodge is an ec-friendly resort on the sunny, white beaches North of Tofo Beach in Mozambique.  This resort has run a very low-key operation but in order to remain viable with the increasing competition in the area they have decided to launch themselves on the WWW and asked me to help them with a full solution.

They really needed just about everything as all they were working with was a presence on an Agent website and a Facebook page.  The work I did for Tofo included the following:

  • Logo development to reflect the earthy, relaxed feeling of the resort
  • Set up of a site using WordPress
  • Copywriting information about the local area, the principles of the restort and details of the accommodation
  • Online booking with options to use payment options i.e. PayPal
  • Setup on Google locations (quite a challenge to achieve where there is no location)
  • Setup Instagram with links to Facebook
  • Update information on Facebook to provide brand consistency
  • Use network to connect with organisations and agents.

Find Tofo Earth Lodge at

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