Create and Connect

This organisation has been around for some years helping people in the corporate world and private individuals develope and explore creativity through art.  The owner has inspired many to develop art as an outlet for personal reward and inspiration. 


When Miranda approached me her online presence was on a number of platforms varying from blogs to websites with social media that was not consistent with her brand.  We sat and developed a plan to consolidate her online presence and bring consistency and simplicity to its management.

Leaping Ahead Solution

When developing her website I integrated her blog into the new website, thus ensuring that her strong content and regular blogging was enhancing her website and its ranking.  Further her newsletter was also integrated into the website, again bringing added content to the site and allowing simple linking to content and integration of newsletter sign ups to her lists from the website.  Finally I brought her events to greater life by adding an event component which allowed her to manage online bookings, for clients to receive automatic confirmation emails and make payments online, this being to the benefit of her customers and her management of events, additionally all new customers would also be added to her mailing list.

All together we integrated into her site:

  • Newsletter which she uses consistently, this also captures names from promotions and subscriptions
  • Blog, again a tool that Miranda uses consistently and boosts content and SEO.  This tool also autoposts out to her social media.
  • Event booking, integrating her events into the website means that she can automate bookings and responses and add people booking to her mailing list.  Integrating with PayPal means taking online payments too.
  • Testimonials for the many great referrals that she gets.
  • Promotional give-aways to opt in to mailing lists.

The consolidation of her online pesence has brought great benefits to her rankings and saving her time by being able to access all her tools in one place with one login.

See the old and new websites below.



Old  site: