I've known Arthur Partridge for a number of years and he is an extremely talented mentor and NLP/Hynosis practitioner and his web presence did not reflect this as his sites were diverse and did not consolidate his offerings.


Having spent some time with him we identified all his websites, domains and hosting accounts, from this I helped streamline Arthur's offering into one website and determine which of his domains were worth retaining. This provided him with a clear offering to his clients and considerable cost savings in relinquishing domains that did not provide any value and hosting that was going to be unnecessary.  In addition consolidating all of his domains across various providers saved him additional costs that he was incurring for email, privacy and security (many of which were unnecessary).

Leaping Ahead Solution

Once we had a clear understanding of Arthur's propositions and what he wanted to integrate into his site we did the following:

  • Mobile/responsive website
  • Integration of Eventbrite so that Arthur can recommend events which also add content to his site
  • Inclusion of a calendar function to link to his related tools
  • Blog tool so that he could add content and improve SEO

Arthur's new online presence reveals the dynamic person he is as well as informs his large following of his offerings and services.

AyPee also has a comprehensive portfolio of domains that Leaping Ahead helps him manage.

See below the old and new websites.




Old AyPee sites:

oldarthurpartridge   oldaypee