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Is your Website dead?

Not all websites are equal.  To, sort of, quote an old Western movie, the title of which seems appropriate here

The Good - websites that are responsive, regularly updated, have clear navigation and relevant content

The Bad - websites that use shortcuts to try to achieve Google rankings, bad linking strategies and are filled with ads and poorly written content

The Ugly - websites that are outdated - in design and layout as well as content, these can also be known as The Dead!

As I like to say, "everyone can build a website today ... not everyone can build it well or build a business online", consequently there are many Bad and Ugly and Dead websites out there.  In fact there are very few websites that truly fall into the Good.

As a business owner there are plenty of things to do and if you're not into websites or technology you're going to be finding yourself doing all the 'other' things rather than working on your website.  I'm also amazed by the number of business owners who are still asking me 'do I really still need a website' ... and/or 'surely I can just have a Facebook page'.  Several things come to mind when people tell me this ...

  1. Online trends cannot be ignored (as at first half or 2016)
    • 3.5 billion people have internet connections, this statistic doesn't include people who have access to the internet at work or elsewhere and it is growing exponentially
    • 1.65 billion people are on Facebook (again growing exponentially) - but this is still less than half of all people on the internet and possibly that includes a % of your potential market
    • Online shopping and purchases are worth $1.5 trillion - and growing exponentially
    • Research has also indicated that 81% of people will research a product, service or business before making a purchasing, rating and comments are also playing an increasingly large part in this.
  2. The above statistics clearly evidence that the online market is growing and pretty much regardless of your business people are either looking to verify you and your business online or they are looking to make a buying decision.  You can't ignore the statistics.

Tell me again why your website isn't getting your attention when it is the most affordable way for you to attract customers, showcase your services/products, and convert browsers into buyers!?



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Thursday, 13 August 2020